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Anonymous: Hey! I watched your anxiety video on youtube. I'm really sorry that happened to you. No one deserves a friend like that. :/ I hope all is good now!

Everything is good now! I didn’t mention in the video but it was pretty clear that I ended the friendship. And honestly, I’m kinda glad it happened because now I can grow from it as a person, and it was actually the first time I stood up for myself and said “enough”. Which i’m really proud of myself btw. I have always been the person or friend who gets taken granted for and walked on like a doormat. This friendship went on for 6 years. From 7th grade until the end of the senior year. I didn’t mention this either, but my “best friend” abused me for years. Emotionally. I was so desperate for a friendship that I did everything just to make her happy and I put myself and my needs last basically. I spoiled her, needless to say. I remember during my senior year, I lost my 11 yr old dog to cancer. This was the dog that I grew up with from 1st grade until my senior year. She was my baby. I was grieving, I was heartbroken. My friend didn’t seem the grasp that concept because the next day after loosing my dog, she begged and pleaded for me to go drinking with her to a scumbags house. And I did not want to do it, but I finally caved in and went. I will admit, that was poor judgment on my part, but that was really shallow and selfish on her part as a friend. Instead of comforting me, and staying with me. She would rather get shitfaced at her friends with benefits house. Of course, she has done more selfish actions, but that stung. And after my grandpa passed, she wasn’t there for me. Especially when I developed my anxiety. Anyways, I just want to let you know that if you have a friend like this, I would honestly stop communicating with them. Friends are supposed to build you up and make you feel good about yourself, not tear you down just to make them feel superior.

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think about what your dog would say to you if he knew how much you hated yourself

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